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About me!

Hi – I’m Tim and I LOVE Beagles. My current pooch, Bella can be seen on the right. My wife-to-be got Bella from a lovely breeder in South Wales UK.

What pays the bills is my work for a marketing agency based out of Reading, England. With that work being “hands off” most of this time, I’ve undertaken the challenge of building this site for my own fun and personal development.

In my spare time (not that I get much with Bella!), I love music, playing guitar and travelling, which I may start blogs about in the future, who knows!

What makes me Qualified to Talk About this?

Having owned Beagles and Bella for collectively over half of my life, I’ve built up a wealth of knowledge that inspired me to start this blog!

This blog will grow over time to contain everything you need to know about owning a beagle, from puppy through to old age, with a focus on How-To Guides, Product Reviews, Fantastic Facts & Handy Tips & Tricks along the way.

Work with Me

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