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The Best Harness for a Beagle in 2023

The question has always been which is better, a collar or a harness, I think both have a place on your beagle, but a harness is often what I’m reaching for.

In this article, we’ll discuss why you need a harness for your beagle, the right size harness and some of the best ones on the market today.

Our Picks For Beagle Harnesses

Best overall: Julius-K9, 162P0, K9-Power harness

Why I like it: This is the one we use for our dog Bella. It’s durable, comfortable and not badly priced. It’s made of polyester which should be more water-resistant than the nylon alternatives. This one features reflective elements for night walks and those winter evenings. 

Julius K-9 harnesses are also commonly used by police dogs in the UK, the brand hit the scene in 1997 and are perhaps the most well known too, so you know your dog is in safe hands.

Cheapest: Funfox No Pull Dog Harness

Why I like it: This harness from Funfox might be on the cheaper end but doesn’t lack in quality. This harness is 100% polyester which means it should be durable and somewhat waterproof. It also features lightweight mesh lining and soft padding on the chest and abdomen which will mean good load distribution and injury prevention. If you need to save a few pounds/dollars but want your pup to be comfortable then go for this one. (I also like the wide range of colours!).

Whilst I would recommend the other two harnesses over this one, if your budget can only stretch to this one, it’s the best one for that price. It’ll still be comfortable enough for your dog, but it may not be as comfortable or durable compared to it’s competitors.

High end: RUFFWEAR Front Range Dog Harness

Why I like it: This one is expensive, but you’re getting brilliant quality and some neat features that both you and your dog will love, it’s made of polyester, just like the Julius K-9 one, meaning it’ll be water-resistant and comfortable for the dog. It also features a foam-padded construction, so should be super comfortable and it’s reflective trim will be suitable for visibility in low-light conditions. The Ruffwear harness is well rated with over 12k reviews on Amazon, so this is a brand you can trust. Other nice features are such as an ID pocket (which is often missing on harnesses) and two attachment points. Ultimately, I recommend this one if your budget can stretch to it. Your dog will thank you for the extra comfort!

Why does a beagle need a harness?

A harness is an essential purchase when you own a Beagle, why do I hear you ask?

Well, beagle owners will know that they love to pull. They’re naturally headstrong and have a very good sense of smell, meaning as soon as they get on the scent, they’re off, often taking you with them.

A harness is your best option for controlling your beagle when they inevitably pull. Not only is it easier to control them as the lead is placed more centrally on the body, but its also more comfortable for the beagle as the stress is spread out across the body more evenly as opposed to just around the neck with a collar.

Before you can go ahead and buy a harness, it’s important to ensure you get the sizing right.

What size harness does a beagle need?

Beagle’s are a medium sized dog, but naturally their size will vary. Male & female beagles tend to be around the same size.

The Kennel Club states that purebred beagle’s minimum height at withers is around 33 cms (13 ins). The desirable maximum height at withers is around 40 cms (16 ins).

With this in mind you can begin to think about the right size harness.

Harnesses tend to come in a t-shirt style sizing scale: S, M, L, XL.

Typically, we recommend a Medium size for harnesses, it’s what the one we have for Bella is.

But of course, measure your dog and check against the measurements provided by the harness manufacturer before buying.

Now you know roughly what size harness to look for, you can start to think about buying one! Jump back up to my top 3 recommendations at the beginning of the article to get yours now.

Final thoughts

Overall, I strongly recommend a harness for your beagle, specifically the Julius K-9 harness. A harness will be more comfortable and safer for your beagle than a collar – especially when it comes to pulling! Having said that, it’s useful to have a collar for certain situations – to find out what those are and to get some collar recommendations, check out the article we wrote on the topic!

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