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The Best Muzzles for a Beagle in 2023

This post contains affiliate links which means if you click on a link and choose to make a purchase I may receive a commission which helps keep this blog running. I am not (and never will be) paid by product/brand manufacturers, and my opinions are my own. My recommendations are based purely off my own experience and free from external factors.

Beagles are a cheeky breed, they’re notoriously vocal and greedy. 

Because beagles are so food orientated and have such a strong sense of smell, they are prone to picking up and eating whatever they can, with no regard to whether it might hurt them or make them sick.

A muzzle is often the best option to keep them from eating what they shouldn’t, and ultimately contribute to a healthy, happy beagle!

In this article, I’m going to:

  • Help you decide whether your beagle needs a muzzle
  • Explain the types of muzzle available
  • Help you decide which muzzle to purchase for your beagle. 

Some of the products listed I have tested on my beagle Bella and as a result, I have based my recommendations off this.

My top 3 picks for the best muzzles for a beagle are below, or you can jump to the full recommendations and reviews further down.

Best Overall Muzzle for a Beagle: Baskerville Anti-Scavenge Muzzle

Best Cotton Muzzle for a Beagle: HELLE Dog Muzzle with Adjustable Straps

Best Mesh Muzzle for a Beagle: HEELE Dog Muzzle Breathable Mesh and Durable Nylon Dog Muzzle with Adjustable Loop

Types of Muzzle Available

The two main types of muzzle are:

Baskerville Muzzle: Plastic/rubber muzzle best used out on a walk to prevent scavenging. The advantage of this over a mesh/cotton muzzle is it will allow the dog to breathe better whilst exercising due to its spacing around the mouth. 

Mesh/Cotton Muzzle: more comfortable, but less breathable and will prevent panting, best used indoors,at the vets for example.

There are lots of different types of muzzle available in different materials, to different sizes and even different uses, broadly though, muzzles for beagles serve one of the following three purposes:

To stop a Beagle Eating 

Beagle’s are greedy dogs and will try and eat everything, a muzzle will stop them doing that. We’ve used one for this purpose, simply as Bella cannot be trusted out on a walk. I’ve mentioned before that we’ve had a scare with rat poison before so we used a muzzle for a while to train it out of Bella. With this, we recommend 

To stop a Beagle Barking/Howling

Beagle’s can be noisy, they love to use their voices and have quite a deep bark and a high pitched howl. This can cause nuisance to neighbours or scare other dogs/animals. A muzzle can mute your beagle to some degree, but they’ll still be able to whine!

To stop a Beagle Biting

You may also want to use a muzzle to stop a beagle biting things or other living beings. The good news is that beagles do not typically bite other dogs or humans, they can be playful, but will rarely bite out of malice. However, they can bite objects as a puppy, something I recommend training out of them as soon as possible.

What size muzzle does a Beagle need?

When it comes to sizing, Beagle’s tend to sit in the “medium” category for a muzzle. 

Some brands and makes of muzzle will size differently, using a numbered scale

Best way to check is to measure the width around the widest part of your dogs nose and the length, measure from the tip of the nose to the base of the nose, just below the eyes.

The length is the most important measurement.

With that said, you should now be able to determine the type of muzzle you need, let’s get into our top picks for beagle muzzles in 2022.

Our Top Beagle Muzzle Picks

1. Baskerville Anti-Scavenge Muzzle

Why I like it: The ultimate beagle muzzle. Featuring anti-scavenge tech (just kidding it’s a guard) it’s bound to stop your beagle picking up things they shouldn’t on a walk. Brilliantly breathable, your pup won’t have an issue breathing, panting or even breathing, perfect for those longer walks. The one downside to this kind of muzzle is it does make your dog look slightly aggressive, when as all beagle owners will know, they aren’t!

2. HELLE Dog Muzzle with Adjustable Straps

Why I like it: It’s cheap, comes in some lovely colours and features adjustable straps, making it easier to fit more comfortably. It’ll do the job for indoor usage or short walks, I wouldn’t recommend for long walks though as it may cause chafing which won’t be too comfortable for your pooch.

3. HEELE Dog Muzzle Breathable Mesh and Durable Nylon Dog Muzzle with Adjustable Loop

Why I like it: This breathable mesh muzzle is perfect for indoor use or short walks, personally I prefer the look of mesh over baskerville, as it gives off a less aggressive vibe to other dog owners we see out on a walk. This one particularly is durable and features and adjustable loop, allowing for easy adjustments. 

4. ILEPARK Soft Dog Muzzle with Reflective Strap

Why I like it:  This muzzle promises to be comfortable and durable, without breaking the bank. A neat feature of this one is the reflective strip which helps you and others see your dog at night. As above, this muzzle should be perfect for shorter walks or indoor use.

Final thoughts

Overall, whether your dog really needs a muzzle will be up to you to decide, but I strongly recommend one to stop them eating things they shouldn’t, I wouldn’t wish what happened to us on my worst enemy.

We use the baskerville muzzle daily and it is the one I strongly recommend. Bella is a size 5 but is a slightly smaller than average beagle, so measure up your dog before buying.

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