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What Size Crate Does A Beagle Need? The Complete Buyers Guide

A dog crate is an enclosed space for your beagle that you’ll use to transport or house your dog. Typically they’re made of wire or fabric, with bolts on metal and zips on fabric. 

Wondering what size crate you need to get for your beagle? Look no further than this article as I’ll explain all you need to know about choosing a crate for your pup!

In this article, we’ll discuss:

  1. Why you should get a crate for your beagle
  2. When to use your beagle crate
  3. What size is a beagle?
  4. What size crate does your beagle needs?
  5. The types of crate available
  6. My top picks for beagle crates

Let’s jump right in with why you should get a crate for your beagle. If you already know why, feel free to skip right to the next section.

Why should you get a crate for a Beagle?

A crate is an essential buy, not only for beagles but for all dog breeds and should be up in your home all the time. 

The main benefit of a crate is that it can act as a physical safe space for your beagle. As a sometimes sensitive and nervous breed, it’s a good idea to have a crate so your beagle has their own space they can go to.

Another key benefit is it can help them settle into a new environment, it’s a familiar place for them that they recognise and thus can help calm nerves or anxiety of moving to a new place.

It also has the advantage of being a place to leave your dog when you are not around, although with a beagle this should never be for long. 

The final benefit of a crate is that it’s a good place to put them on a long car journey, provided the car is big enough!

When to use a crate?

Your dog can use its crate whenever it likes – we recommend having it set up in your home all the time. Most are collapsable and can be transported too if necessary.

Before you can use a crate, it’s a good idea to crate train your beagle. This ensures that they view the crate as their own space and that it is not seen as a prison or punishment. Battersea has an incredible guide on how to crate train a dog. Bookmark it for when you’ve got yours!

What size is a Beagle?

A beagle is a small sized dog according to The Kennel Club. They usually grow to between 36-41 cm tall for males and slightly shorter for females at 33-38cm. They’ll typically grow to around 20”-25” inches (51-64 cm) in length.

What size crate does a Beagle need?

The crate should ideally be big enough for your dog to sit up straight, turn around and lie out flat without touching the sides & roof. You don’t want it to be too big, it’s meant to be cosy for your dog as this emphasises the space space feeling. 

A beagle is likely to need a “medium sized” crate, as typically these will fall around 23” inches (56cm) tall and 30” inches or 78cm long. This will should be nice and snug for a beagle.

Ideally you’ll want to measure your dog against the size crate available, but we list some of our recommendations for crates below, which are perfect for our beagle.

Does a Beagle Puppy need a different sized crate?

Whilst not essential, I would advise getting a smaller crate to begin with, especially when initially trying to train your beagle (good luck!), this is because they are more likely to respond better when they are calm, and a cosy crate will emphasise those emotions, as explained earlier. 

If your budget can stretch to it, get a smaller crate to begin with then purchase a large one when full sized.

For a beagle puppy, I’d recommend a small crate, around 20″ tall x 24″ long and 18″ wide.

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The Types of Dog Crate Available

There are two types of crate available, wire and plastic. 

Wire crates are rigid crates made of wire, they’ll often have bolts to secure the doors. They also feature a plastic tray for you to place a bed on, some crates will include a bed. This is the type of crate I prefer.

Plastic crates are typically much softer and can look more like a tent than a crate, they’re typically more colourful and will fit your home decor much better!

Ultimately, which you choose will depend on your own circumstances and what you’ll value in a crate.

Personally I prefer wire. Here’s why.

Wire vs Plastic Dog Crate

Having tried both plastic and wire crates on Bella, my partner and I firmly believe the wire crate is the winner here, it’s the one that stays up permanently in our house.

Here’s the pros of a wire crate and why I prefer them:

Wire crates are more durable than plastic crates

The very nature of a wire crates makes its construction that much more durable. We’ve had ours since Bella was fully grown (6+ years) and have never needed to replace it.

Superior visibility

Plastic crates tend to be mostly enclosed, making seeing your pup inside quite difficult, your pup likely won’t be able to see out either. 

Some people will prefer a more enclosed crate, but personally I much prefer being able to see Bella inside so I know she is okay.

The beauty of a wire crate is that if you do want it more enclosed, you can cover it up with a blanket, which is what we do when Bella goes to sleep at night.

Wire crates are easy to clean

Typically, if your dog views their crate as their safe space, they will go there when they are not feeling particularly well, meaning it might see the worst of your pups illness. We’ve seen it all, and the fact you can pull out the plastic tray and wipe it clean helps wonders in cleaning up after any accidents. 

You may also opt to send your dog to their crate if they’re wet after a walk in the rain, swim in a river or a bath!

Wire crates are collapsible and (somewhat) travel friendly

Not only do they collapse, but they’re also super easy to transport if necessary. We’re not talking fold up tiny, but they do fold flat making transport easy. Or you can safely use them in the boot of the car for long car journeys!

The benefits of plastic crates

Plastic crates aren’t all bad, and as I said before, some of this will come down to personal preference, here’s a couple of pros we found when we used one for Bella. 

Some dogs will prefer the more enclosed nature of a plastic crate, as it can create a more cosy atmosphere. 

Some plastic crates will fold up smaller, making them more suited to travel.

Ultimately, I much prefer our wire crate, and so does Bella! Read on to find out which crates we recommend for your beagle.

My picks for a Beagle crate

Best overall wire crate: RAC Dog Puppy Cage Folding 2 Door Crate with Plastic Tray

Why I like it: This is the one we use for Bella. Not only does she love it and treat it like her own space, but it’s the one we’ve used for her since she became full size (6 years ago). So that gives you an idea on its durability. We particularly like how easily collapsible it is, and it’s two doors, one on the side and one at the front.

Pros of the RAC Dog Puppy Cage:

  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Simply folds up and down
  • Made from durable steel alloy powder coated with a rust resistant finish
  • Easily removable plastic floor tray, provides ease of cleaning
  • 2 lockable doors

High end: PawHut Wooden Dog Crate

Why I like it: Whilst not entirely practical, this crate is definitely easier on the eye and will blend in better with your furniture if that’s important to you! Made of MDF and wire, it’ll still be durable. Here are some other pros of this crate:

Pros of the PawHut Wooden Dog Crate:

  • Stylish design, blends in with the surroundings. 
  • Keeps your dog secure when needed with lockable doors.
  • Still has wire despite the wooden look, allowing air to circulate and helps your pet not feel too trapped.
  • Double doors mean easy access for your pet, with an additional side door. Latches for security.
  • MDF frame means that it should be durable.

Most transportable: Amazon Basics Folding Soft Dog Crate with Front and Top Opening

Why I like it: As stated earlier, plastic/soft dog crates are not my favourite – however they can be good for transport, and this is a particularly good one for that. Here’s some of the pros of the Amazon Basics crate:

Pros of the Amazon Basics Folding Dog Crate:

  • Foldable, making it easy to store/transport.
  • Front & Top Door: Zippable front door with fastening straps for easy access and mesh fabric flap that can be rolled up and secured so your dog can see out
  • PVC framen should be relatively strong, yet lightweight. 
  • Easy to clean with hand-washable, durable water-resistant heavy-duty polyester fabric over the top, bottom and sides.
  • Window Ventilation: Fabric dog crate with black mesh-fabric window on three sides for improved air flow; ideal for use at home, in the car or when travelling
  • Compact and lightweight design makes it great for the car and travelling.
  • The nature of this crate might make it great for the beach!

Best Cover for a Beagle Crate: chengsan Dog Crate Cover

Why I like it: If you choose to purchase a wire crate like I suggested, you’ll need a cover to keep it cosy for your pup at night or if they are scared. You can use a blanket, but if you want something purpose built, which is much neater and tidier, I strongly suggest this cover.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, a beagle needs a medium sized crate, “medium sized” crate, as typically these will fall around 23” inches (56cm) tall and 30” inches or 78cm long. This will should be nice and snug for a beagle. However, I recommend measuring your dog to ensure you choose one the right size. 

I also strongly advise choosing a wire crate, although a soft/plastic one may be useful to have on hand if you’re travelling due to their lightweight and more compact nature.

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