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My Beagle Journey is your one-stop shop for all things Beagle. I created this website out of my passion for the breed, having owned several beagles in the past, I felt it right to share my knowledge and expertise with the world!

This blog aims to show you how to love, care and attend to your beagle as best you can.

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About Me

Hi – I’m Tim and I LOVE Beagles. My current pooch, Bella can be seen in pretty much every article on this site. My wife-to-be got Bella from a lovely breeder in South Wales, UK.

Having owned Beagles and Bella for collectively over half of my life, I’ve built up a wealth of knowledge that inspired me to start this blog!

This blog will grow over time to contain everything you need to know about owning a beagle, from puppy through to old age, with a focus on How-To Guides, Product Reviews, Fantastic Facts & Handy Tips & Tricks along the way.